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  1. History of Japan Podcast. Best Episodes All Episodes (408) Best episodes ranked by Podyssey's 15,000 community members. 1) Episode 206 - Across the Sea, Part 2. This week, we take a closer look at early communities of Nikkeijin -- people of Japanese descent -- in the United States and Hawaii
  2. This history of Japan focuses on the people, power plays and betrayals - and the occasional stuff-ups that shaped Japan. For fans of history, fans of Japan or tourists about to go for a visit - I hope you'll be entertained and informed! - Lyssna på A Short History of Japan Podcast direkt i din mobil, surfplatta eller webbläsare - utan app
  3. Episode 34: OMG Part 1 To Christian missionaries, Japan was a most attractive prospect. Literate, cultured and rich - the Jesuits arrived in Japan in the 1500s and set about a process of conversion: from the lowest peasant to the highest warlord
  4. Beginning of a series on the history of Japan. This video focuses on the Japanese Shinto creation myth, particularly about Izanami and Izanagi, two legendar..
  5. The first episode. To think that you would complete this monumental task of covering the entire Ancient Roman history in under 5 years time. That is roughly 250 years covered per year. Pretty good when you consider the depth of the work throughout. There is nary an event of import that he did not cover in detail

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This podcast, assembled by a former PhD student in History at the University of Washington, covers the entire span of Japanese history. Each week we'll tackle a new topic, ranging from prehistoric Japan to the modern day Samurai Archives Japanese History Podcast. Follow your hosts on a trek into Japanese history, from ancient Japan to the end of the Samurai and all points in between - culture, warfare, literature, and interviews. Simply stated, our mission is to bridge the gap between the popular and the academic, and to bring the world of academic Japanese. My buddy and I recently did an episode of our podcast on Japan where we chatted about the Japanese films House and Tampopo (both on CC). The podcast is called Planet of the Meerkats and it's basically two old friends discussing film, history, pop culture and nostalgia History of Japan Podcast. 1,831 likes · 14 talking about this. A podcast covering Japanese history, from the prehistoric era to the modern day. Released once a week

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  1. Episode 20 - Japan as Number One History of Japan This podcast, assembled by a former PhD student in History at the University of Washington, covers the entire span of Japanese history. Each week we'll tackle a new topic, ranging from prehistoric Japan to the modern day
  2. Hi friends, happy Thursday!Welcome to episode one of the Dark History podcast. woot! Today we are going to talk about DuPont and their shady ass, just saying..
  3. If you would like to check out the episode of the Japan Station podcast featuring Dr. Jonathan Clements you can do so via the link below. Japan Station 03: The Origins of Anime and the Making of Japan's First Feature Length Animated Film with Dr. Jonathan Clement

Episode 1: Robert Walpole. Try 3 issues of BBC History Magazine or BBC History Revealed for only £5! In the first episode of our new series on the prime ministers that experts believe accomplished most during their tenure, Jeremy Black profiles Robert Walpole. This competition is now closed. Published: April 20, 2021 at 12:16 pm Beyond Huaxia: A College History of China and Japan. Loading Downloads. 61 Episodes. Share RSS. A college history of China and Japan—minus debt, dorms, and diplomas. Hosted by Justin Jacobs, professor of history at American University. IndianaJonesInHistory.com Publish Date: Sat, July 14th 2018Duration: 04:28:17 minutes - 194 mb. The Asia-Pacific War of 1937-1945 has deep roots. It also involves a Japanese society that's been called one of the most distinctive on Earth. If there were a Japanese version of Captain America, this would be his origin story June 2, 2021. #217 - Ming 10: I'm On A Boat! Continue reading →. June 2, 2021. #216.2 - Special: Wonders of the World Interview, Pt. 2 - The Forbidden City. Continue reading →. June 2, 2021. #216 - Special: Interview with Caroline Vahrenkamp of The Wonders of the World Podcast, Pt. 1. Continue reading →

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Kostenlose Lieferung möglic A history of the people of Japan, from the prehistoric Jomon period to the modern era. WARNING: This podcast occasionally touches on subjects of human sexuality, suicide, violence, and torture. - Listen to A History of Japan instantly on your tablet, phone or browser - no downloads needed ‎This history of Japan focuses on the people, power plays and betrayals - and the occasional stuff-ups that shaped Japan. For fans of history, fans of Japan or tourists about to go for a visit - I hope you'll be entertained and informed Über 7 Millionen englischsprachige Bücher. Jetzt versandkostenfrei bestellen

Podcast Episodes. Scroll down to see the latest episodes in our podcast History Unplugged. You can also subscribe to the show on iTunes or Android by clicking here Episode 5: The Land of Our Fathers, Part 1 More than a century and a half after the promise of 40 acres and a mule, the story of black land ownership in America remains one of loss and dispossession. June and Angie Provost, who trace their family line to the enslaved workers on Louisiana's sugar-cane plantations, know this story well John Heywood was a playwright and poet who made two important contributions to the history of English. He was a key figure in the emergence of modern English drama which led directly to William Shakespeare at the end of the century The China History Podcast. Ep. 231 | The Warlord Era (Part 1) 30. 00:00:00 / 00:28:43. 30. Sep 23, 2019. After years of requests to cover this topic, Laszlo finally gets around to the history of China's Warlord Era that lasted from 1916 to 1928 and into the Nanjing Decade. In this Part 1 episode, Laszlo gives some background into the historical. One Great History goes out-of-this-world and all the way to Falcon Lake in our latest episode, just in time for Halloween! Winnipeg's City Hall turns 57 today! Celebrities passing through Manitoba is always newsworthy, so you can imagine the commotion when Hollywood heartthrob Clark Gable came to visit in 1938

Episode 1: The Fight for a True Democracy America was founded on the ideal of democracy. Black people fought to make it one. Hosted by Nikole Hannah-Jones, produced by Annie Brown, Adizah Eghan. Welcome to The Age of the Egyptians podcast series by Cambridge For Kids. This first episode is an Introduction to the Egyptians.Who were they? How long ago did they live? Hopefully in the next 10 episodes, all your questions will be answered and will give you a good understanding of this fascinating ancient civilization A podcast on the history of Russia, told from the perspective of someone learning and studying events from a variety of sources on a weekly basis, and then informing you, the listener, on what they've learnt this week


Episode 1,069 - Independence Day Special: The Combat History of America's Declaration Pt. 1 (w/ Patrick K. O'Donnell, Mike Lindell) Mike Lindell breaks down how freedom isn't free in the digital age, and Patrick K. O'Donnell dives deep into the untold history of The Revolution Arcane: The History of Magic (premiering October 7th) releases new episodes on the first and third Wednesday of each month, weekly in October. Arcane is aimed at anyone who is interested in magic, history, or fantasy. Each episode delves into the theory and practice of historical magic. While this subject is often dark and unusual, it is equally intriguing and wondrous

Episode 1 - Introduction. The first episode of Luke's English Podcast. Full transcript available below. Hello, and welcome to Luke's English podcast - the podcast for learners of English. This is the very first podcast that I've done and it will be the first of many more podcasts that you will be able to download and listen to in the. In episode 3, Crafting The Narrative, on Audience we talked to storytelling experts about crafting the perfect podcast episode. Listen now to discover how to best tell your story. The Three Act Podcast Structure. The three act podcast structure is a storytelling model that divides a story into an organized and logical order About this Episode For the pilot episode of the BEMA Podcast, Marty Solomon and Brent Billings talk about the hopes and dreams for this series in the years to come Richard Latner, 'Here Are No Newters': Witchcraft and Religious Discord in Salem Village and Andover, The New England Quarterly 79.1 (2006), pp. 92-122. Stephen Foster, The Long Argument: English Puritanism and the Shaping of New England Culture, 1570-1700 (Chapel Hill, NC: University of North Carolina Press, 1991) Japan Top 10 is a music discovery podcast that focuses on the best Japanese music out there! We feature all types of Japanese music, including mainstream J-Pop/J-Rock, anime soundtracks, 80's/90's songs, indie music and more! Our hosts provide insightful commentary to each song they showcase. If you love Japanese music, make sure to give us.

Pretty standard early CS episode imo but always glad to hear yours! We have something to fear, and it's fear itself. Dan questions whether a scared people can stay free. Also: Too many lawyers in Congress, jobs for average Joes, and camera surveillance in the U.K.. First episode thread has a link to the shows not available on Dan's website Episode 49 - A History of Medicine - Part 1; Sep 28 2021 Length: 1 hr and 3 mins Podcast Add to Cart failed. Please try again later. Add to Wish List failed. Please try again later. Remove from wishlist failed. Please try. Episodes Writing Contact Donate Open Menu Close Menu. Online Store About Episodes Writing Contact Donate A podcast covering the history, politics and culture of western civilization. Listen Now. Become a Patron . Western Civ is a podcast based on the idea that, through a study of the past, we can learn more about ourselves and our future

A History of Central Florida Podcast. Title. Episode 01 Windover Burial Site: Windover Burial Site available in replica form at The Brevard Museum of History and Natural Science. Series Producer. Robert Cassanello, University of Central Florida. Streaming Media Shows & Podcasts Expand/collapse submenu for Shows & Podcasts. Invisibilia Episode #1 The Secret History of Thoughts Daniel Horowitz for NPR hide caption Season 1 08/11/2021. Black & Asian American Solidarity: Exchanging Ideas, Sharing History. Cathy Park Hong and Dr. Kendi have a deep discussion about the uniquely Asian American experience of living at the intersection of racist vilification and the stereotype of the model minority Unlike some of the other podcasts on this list, Hardcore History doesn't really lean on music, or sound effects, or historical soundbites; most of Carlin's multi-hour-long episodes are just him. Hosted by Laszlo Montgomery. Laszlo Montgomery presents topics covering 5,000 years of Chinese history and culture. CONTACT. The China History Podcast. CHP-203-The History of Chinese Martial Arts, Wing Chun and Ip Man Part 1. The China History Podcast June 15, 2018. Don't be fooled by the title. Wing Chin and Ip Man will be covered next episode

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Welcome to the History of Photography Podcast 2.0! Having retired from my college teaching job, I'm no longer teaching the photo history class, but I have lots of other irons in the fire and want to continue the podcast with some new topics and ideas History of ASMR: Interview (Part 1) with Jennifer Allen, the woman who coined the term ASMR (podcast episode #8) October 24, 2016 March 20, 2017 / Dr. Richard In this podcast episode I will read the first part of an interview I did with Jennifer Allen, the woman who coined the term, Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response The History of RHAP: Rob Cesternino looks back at the 10-Year Journey of Rob Has a Podcast. Rob Cesternino takes a look back at the origins of Rob Has a Podcast. From the events that led up to the. He is the host the C13Originals documentary podcast franchise It Was Said and the Cadence13 podcast docuseries Hope, Through History. He is a distinguished visiting professor at Vanderbilt University, a contributing writer for The New York Times Book Review, and a fellow of the Society of American Historians The 2020 Tokyo Olympics were supposed to showcase Japan's resilience in the face of major setbacks and be a crowning event at the end of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's term in office, but.

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  1. 1 This American Life. The O.G. podcast. This American Life was the podcast before podcasts were even a thing, which is why it gets the number one spot. It's an hour-long radio show that covers a theme generally told in three acts. Each act follows a different story, and all of them are captivating
  2. Our research found as of October 2021 there are over 2,000,000 podcasts and over 48 million episodes. Check out the rest of the global podcast listener statistics, demographics, and facts here: Podcast Demographics United States
  3. There are a ton of golf podcasts out there right now. The game's rising popularity, and its slow emergence into the zeitgeist, has made for plenty of conversation. The Golfer's Journal podcast.
  4. The King of Crenshaw. A four-part podcast series that focuses on how the late Nipsey Hussle's life, death, and legacy deeply impacted the sports world. And how NBA players are vowing to continue his marathon moving forward. Listen. The King of Crenshaw Episode 1. To Live and Die in LA The death of rapper Nipsey Hussle reverberated throughout.
  5. You can play all the episodes directly from this page. If you would like to read the transcript of any particular episode, simply select that episode and then click the episode's title in the player. 1 - A History of Britain. Audio Player. 00:00. 00:00. 00:00. Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. 1 - A History of Britain
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  7. Japan licked her wounds after the humiliation of the Triple Intervention. She channeled her energies into a massive industrial and military expansion. She turned that against Russia in the Russo-Japanese War in 1904/05. Japan declared war against Russia over the Korea and Manchuria, China issues. Japan had an ally this time: England

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A unique storytelling podcast about Scottish history, the people and places who made it. Hosted by Michael Park Reframing History: Bananas : Throughline The banana is a staple of the American diet and has been for generations. But how did this exotic tropical fruit become so commonplace? How one Brooklyn. Brilliant podcast. David provides the historical facts cleverly interwoven with character detail, economics and social information, so combined to paint a very human narrative. 2021 In the first of three episodes on Europe 1600-1650, we talk about religion, scientific.

Brains On presents Forever Ago®, a history show for the whole family!Every episode explores the origin of just one thing — like sandwiches, video games, clocks and more — while teaching listeners to think critically about history Episodes | BackStory with the American History Guys. Please note, BackStory ended production in June 2020. We hope you'll continue to enjoy past episodes here and in the American Archive of Public Broadcasting. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Virginia Humanities at info@virginiahumanities.org. Connect WFMT's Studs Terkel Radio Archive, in partnership with the Chicago History Museum, invites you into the history books with the new podcast Bughouse Square with Eve Ewing. Inspired by the legacy of the inimitable 20th century broadcaster and oral historian Studs Terkel, and supported by hours and hours of tape from the Studs Terkel Radio. History Erased S3 E6: Dogs & Cats 44:19 Jun 1, 2021. Watch on Global App. History Erased S3 E3: The Wheel 44:19 May 25, 2021. Watch on Global App. History Erased S3 E2: Glass 44:19 May 18, 2021. Watch on Global App. History Erased S3 E5: Bees, Bugs & Spiders 44:19 May 11, 2021. Watch on Global App. History Erased S3 E1: Gold 44:20 May 4, 2021

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America's favorite classic gaming podcast, Retronauts Episode 411: Skyrim. fus-RETRO-dah. Posted 1 day ago, by Diamond Feit. Another pricey Japan-only cartridge game is wrested from aftermarket hell. Posted 1 week ago, by GSK. Comments. Retro Re-release Roundup,. In this episode of A History of Central Florida we spoke with Dr. Jerald Milanch, Dr. Neill Wallis, and tobacconist Frank Burla about Tobacco Pipes which can be seen along with many other artifacts at The Silver River Museum and Environmental Education Center

Yes 4 Minneapolis continues it's absurd push to eliminate the Police Department. Chicago cops have turned their back on their mayor. Oregon Gov Kate Brown signs the worst piece of educational legislation in the history of the country. Johnny Heidt with guitar news Trusted by our community of over 230 million users. Powering everyone from creatives to entrepreneurs to the world's largest companies. Vimeo's platform gives us the ability to produce professional, branded company events that are engaging our partners in more meaningful ways Music Stream. Stream uplifting and inspirational Christian music all day, every day. Brought to you by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 00:00. LatterDaySaintsChannel@ChurchofJesusChrist.org Soccernostalgia Talk Podcast-Episode 57 (Interview with Brazilian Journalist, Sports Commentator and Author Eduardo Monsanto on Brazil National Team in 1981 under Tele Santana Episode 54 of the #AskAbhijit show: I answer your live video chat questions about history, geopolitics and science. - Lyssna på #AskAbhijit 54: Video Chat AMA (History, Geopolitics, Science) av The Abhijit Chavda Podcast direkt i din mobil, surfplatta eller webbläsare - utan app

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Monarchs, fascists & communists: Romania's modern history from History Extra podcast on Podchaser, aired Monday, 16th August 2021. Paul Kenyon discusses his book Children of the Night, which charts the story of modern Romania, and its colourful, chaotic and often corrupt leaders - from unstable pl

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